L+F Wedding: Picking out my wedding gowns from The Gown Warehouse.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Funny how that one particular white dress can cause butterflies in a girl's tummy, and when the curtains falls and the boy is left gaping and touched seeing the girl in that white dress for the very first time. *blush*

I'm never that girl who spend all her life dreaming about how her wedding would be like, not to mention dreaming about that white dress, but i assumed that i wouldn't like a big fluffy wedding dress but would prefer a dress that is sleek and sexy and shows off curves like a mermaid cut.

We're 7 months away from the wedding and we've booked our hotel, booked our actual day photographers, videographers, photobooths and what nots ( blogged about the wedding preparation here ) and the next most important thing is to do our pre-wedding photoshoot! 

I was looking around online for a bridal studio and I saw this article about The Gown Warehouse being voted as one of the more wallet friendly bridal boutiques and i went to check out their website 
( ) and was mersmerized by their gowns so i went ahead to email them for an appointment which they replied shortly and confirmed the appointment! (:

On our way to The Gown Warehouse and truth be told I was feeling quite nervous! heh

When Leon + I held hands and walked into The Gown Warehouse, I was like jaw dropped WOW.. (yah i'm very sua ku ok lol) and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the gowns and picking out my favorites to try them out to see how i'd look in everyone of them! This place is like "Say Yes To The Dress" in real life, in Singapore!!!
Hahahahah I love watching that show, it's always so dramatic and absolutely hilarious.

The bride will be walking out to the platform with all the judge-y family/relatives lounging on the damn couch commenting on the wedding dress and some of the brides even get angry or whatever because their family would comment thing like "YOU LOOK LIKE A HOOKER/SLUT IN THAT DRESS" ...or like for example the bride walks in wearing a mermaid cut wedding dress, the mum or a clingy aunt  would be like crying and asking shit like "omg what is that CRAP? You should be wearing a wedding dress that makes you look like a princess!" 
*points at the poufy ass horrorville of a wedding dress* 

hahahah SO DRAMATIC but i love it.

If you don't want people judging you and clouding your judgement, why have so many freaking relatives go to a gown fitting with you?! As long as you like the dress and you think you look great it in that's the most important isn't it!

I've never imagine that I'd be so into this but to be honest I was totally "jumping out of my skin" excited but obviously still trying to keep myself composed. (hehe)

TGW's gorgeous selection of evening gowns.

Sat down with Eunice from The Gown Warehouse and briefly went thru the packages available, I can choose to rent the gown a-la carte, like if i only want a specific gown for the pre-wedding shoot or a wedding lunch (price ranging between $380- $1280), they are even able to customize a piece for purchase if you don't want to simply rent your wedding dress! 

They also have some really value for money packages that we can choose from which includes wedding gowns, Men's suits, Make-up Artist services, florals like your car decor/corsages/bouquets, Photography services etc.

Because Leon has already bought his own suits, The Gown Warehouse was able to customized the package to exclude the men's suit in our package for us. *thumbs up!*
Leon is so vain! He bought 4 suits already, 4 SUITS OK! hahahah high maintainence vainpot fiance.

For the pre-wedding photoshoot, The Gown Warehouse has 2 photographers and 2 makeup artist to choose from for the package, it was a tough decision because all their works are so impressive but after going back and browsing their portfolio, we decided to go with Jeremy from AlvinAdelineWedding ( They did a wonderful job for Leon's sister wedding videography! ) and Rosalyn as our Makeup Artist and Premium Orchids for our bouquet + boutonniere, can't wait for the pre-wed photo shoot  in May, woooots!

Time to "shop" for my dresses!

I'm really impressed with the quality and designs of the gowns from The Gown Warehouse! 

Before I went for the appointment, I did not know that they design their wedding gowns in-house, whatever on the racks is designed by The Gown Warehouse's designer and new gowns are brought in every season to keep up with the latest bridal trends! 0.0 AMAZING!!!

I'm just really glad that Leon is so into this as I am! I'd be disappointed if he was very disinterested and like, do this own thing while i check out the wedding dresses but he was very involved and went thru all the gowns with me and showed me his favorite pieces, together we picked out a couple that we fancied to try for the pre-wedding photoshoot + the actual wedding day. (:

For the pre-wedding photoshoot, I was going to choose 2 wedding dresses and 1 evening gown.

For the actual wedding day, 2 wedding dresses - 1 for the poolside wedding ceremony in the evening, the other for the dinner banquet and 1 evening gown as well!

Previously I actually thought of ordering my wedding dress online, but maaaaaan I'm so glad i didn't! You know with online shopping alot of times we can just close one eye and buy without trying and you know you will definitely look great in it?

Well, i guess your wedding dress just ain't the same!

The pieces that i thought in my head would suit me to the T, after trying them on- turns out to be totally no-go and the ones that I've never ever though I'd like, turned out to be fantastic! Hahaha

When i stepped out from behind the changing curtains in my 1st wedding dress, Leon and I kind of had a moment when he just stared and was just speechless while i thought i'd die from blushing too hard. haha snapped a shot of him when he was more composed! 

I love how glamourous this place is! Haha the multi mirror fitting area is so awesome and i can see how i look in the dress in every single angle. Here are some sneak-peeks of some of the gowns I've tried, some of them are from their previous collection and some are just in from their latest collection!

Pretty flattering A-line dress with sweetheart neckline and a beautiful rosette train!

This beautiful french lace with beaded off shoulder piece from their latest collection is totally adorable and it make me feel like a disney princess! One fine example of the kind of wedding dress I didn't think I'd like but turns out looking pretty fab!

The sweetheart neckline, peekaboo mesh cutouts and crystal details on this simple flowy piece, soooo gorgeous! This makes a great piece for the photoshoot cos for once i feel so mobile and super comfortable in it.

This is such a fun piece! hehe it was designed to be a slight hi-low dress so.. better wear a fabulous pair of heels to go with this one!

I call this one "the cake" haha, the sweetheart neckline and mermaid cut top makes me feel oh-so-sexy but yet the layered "cake" portion and the short train gives it the princessy touch!

This super flattering bling studded A-line will definitely catch the attention of everyone with that super long train. Heard that this piece is so popular with the brides that booking has been made all the way to end of 2015!

Gorgeous french lace piece with the really beautiful train which looks almost like it's floating, isn't it?

There are so many gowns that is suitable for those tall and super slim brides, super envious! But from the pieces I've tried and love I'm already having such a hard time picking the ones for the photo shoot and actual day ahhh~ hahaha but i guess it's a good kind of dilemma.

Cannot wait for the pre-wedding photo shoot next month, we've thought of some ideas and sourced for some photoshoot locations and ordered some props as well (hehe).

The Gown Warehouse
11 Woodlands Close, #06-38
Singapore 737853

office: +65 6734 3998, mobile: +65 9792 1239, +65 9189 9701
By appointment only
- See more at:

Do note that appointments are required so you can contact them via email or phone before you visit them:
Office: +65 6734 3998
Mobile: +65 9792 1239 / +65 9189 9701 


Skincare routine these days...

Friday, April 04, 2014

It's been aaaaaages since I did a skincare routine post so I thought that i'll do one on my current skincare routine now!

My skin type: Oily on the T-zone, cheek + chin area, but also dehydrated especially on my jawline area is especially dehydrated.

I'm pretty much the Blackhead/Whitehead queen, facial therapist love me because I have pretty high tolerance for pain + my Black/White head pops out easily like a bunch of colgate being squeezed out LOL, I'm currently going for IPL + a combination of laser treatments at Trinity Medical Center at Marine Parade, more details on my upcoming post!

My skin is really improving with the IPL + laser treatments 
and it really made my skin much more glowy! 

Here's me without a stich of makeup (hahaha whoops sorry i was lazing at home like a couch potato as usual and sending this pic to Leon to show him i was enjoying the phoenix rolls he got me from his trip to macau, when he was away on a worktrip)

But of course, daily skincare routine at home is equally important! I have a slightly different routine for my DAY skincare and NIGHT skincare because i obviously don't want to wear SPF at night or use a heavy night cream in the day and make my already oily skin seem even more greasy during the day!

❀ Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash from Trinity Medical Center
❀ Appleseed + Transexamic Acid Lotion from Nakuro
❀ Purer Skin Miracle Serum from Purer Skin
❀ Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer SPF30 from Trinity Medical Center
❀ Goat's Milk Eye Cream from Ziaja
❀ Galderma Epiduo from Trinity Medical Center

Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash: 

After Leon & my 1st session of IPL treatment at Trinity Medical Center, Dr Kan gave me a travel sized of this and I really enjoyed using this foam wash, so I got a full sized during our 2nd visit! 

After using Ettusais products for many years I'm kind of drilled into the idea of facial foam has to be a huge lather to reduce friction on the skin to prevent fine lines from forming and wrinkles as compared to using a cleanser with no/less lather.

Love that it is in a self-foam bottle so i don't have to waste precious prepping time in the morning but lathering my cleanser to death while being half asleep in the wee hours.

Galderma Epiduo: Dr Kan from Trinity Medical Center also gave me a tub of this for treatment of acne/large pores and it works wonders!

❀ Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash from Trinity Medical Center
❀ Appleseed + Transexamic Acid Lotion from Nakuro
❀ Appleseed + Transexamic Acid Hydra Milk from Nakuro
❀ Purer Skin Miracle Serum from Purer Skin
❀ Purer Skin Night Recovery from Purer Skin
❀ Goat's Milk Eye Cream from Ziaja
❀ Galderma Epiduo from Trinity Medical Center

Sponsored Ad: Soul went for a "facial" at Faaaaaaaaaabulous Shine!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

So I previously shared that I have recently lost my Ms Petroholic. Still, so depressed about that. ):

But i was very thankful that Leon is letting me use his car since he'll be gone a lot this end month and next for Lee Hom + JJ Lin's concert tours, so i wanted to take his lovely Kia Soul for a pampering "facial" session at the nearby Marina Country Club, Fabulous Shine!

I first heard of Fabulous shine from a friend that they specialize in Car grooming services (like the Premium Car Spa i went for), Paint restoration quick sealant, Nano paint protection etc and i wanted to bring my Ms. Petroholic here but unfortunately I can't now so Leon's Soul gets some pampering and lovin'! (:

I stay in Hougang + Punggol (alternating with my place and leon's place) so Marina Country Club is like just literally "down the street", less than 3 minutes away, super near!

Since Leon's car is white it gets dirty very easily! 
It really eeeks me when i see a layer of black dirt/dust on the car surface lol at least my Ms Petroholic i can close one eye cos it's black and easier to maintain.

Also I have to take off my shoes when i drive so my driver seat carpet must must must be clean! So eeky stepping on dirty carpet then wearing back my shoes, feels so eeky and grimy. ):

They have this Premium Car Spa package which includes - Shampoo + Clay Wash + Glow Wax + Rim Wash + Tyre Shine + Glass Cleaning + Interior Vacuum + Anti-Bacterial Spray, so many things and all that done in a jiffy 40 minutes!

Leon would bring his car to those 3-4 hours detailing, car grooming place once in a couple of months or so but i have no patience to sit around and wait that long. 

Busy girl here yo, ASAP please. 
So to clean, wash and wax the car within 40 minutes, oh yes please!

There's also one of my favorite bbq place at Marina Country Club, Sakura so the next time Leon and I come here for car grooming we can go for yummy BBQ while we wait.

Met Steven from Fabulous Shine and he explained that the way Fabulous Shine does the car wash is totally different from petrol kiosk. 

In petrol kiosks, mostly detergent shampoos are being used to wash the cars, but in Fabulous Shine, the specialists only uses phosphate free shampoo (haha feel likes us girls looking out for Sulphate-free / silicon-free shampoo!), which reduces the damage to the car paintwork and the unique cleaning method also reduces scratches on the car. 

The combination of superior car washing shampoo & unique cleaning method gives a more superior car wash than any of the petrol kiosks.

40 minutes is up and Soul's "facial" is done.
Love that they are super detailed and every little bit of stain and bird poo and dust be gone!

Look at how shiny it is!!

As mentioned earlier, i cannot drive with shoes on but Leon does, so the drivers seat carpet area must be kept super clean if not it feels so eeky! Feel oh-sooooo-good to sink in the driver's seat and know that the interior of the car has been vacuum throughly and treated with the anti-bacterial spray! 

The dashboard area is sparkling clean too, not a speck of dust in sight. :D  

 The next day when i drove to the airport to pick Leon up from his flight, 
he was like "oooooh Soul you lookin' so shiny and oh so fineeeeeee!" lol CORNY!

Then went on to rave about how shiny his rims are looking, i think he was ogling at his car more than he care to look at me humpf! 

LOL but at least he's happy so yay, mission accomplished!
Oh! Also there's complimentary parking with any services done with Fabulous shine.


If you're living around the area or you're heading to punggol area for your family picnic/check out the new horse ranch for a pony ride and want drop your car at Fabulous Shine for a quick clean me up session, you can try the Premium Car Spa for only $48!

They also have a package of 6 session x Premium Car Spa + FREE 1st time only sealant coating and a one year membership

$288* for Small/Medium/Large cars + $348* for Luxury/MPV/SUV cars

Premium Car Spa includes: foam wash, surface claying, quick wax, interior vacuum and clean, antibacterial carpet clean, rim chemical wash, tyre shine, windscreen and glass clean.

Other Fabulous Shine Services:

Paint Restoration Quick Sealant: $88 - $108 (subject to car size + category)

Nano Paint Protection: $430 - $780 (subject to car size + category)

Benefits of being a member:
Member price: *Car wash + Vacuum @ $18
Non-member price: *Car wash + Vacuum @ $48

Head over and LIKE Fabulous Shine FB page to receive the latest promotions or updates.